Why Choose Us

"The school has allowed me to study a further maths A Level and the maths department has been incredibly supportive of this."

"I was in an environment where I was challenged and supported by all of the teachers"

I chose to stay on to study my A-Levels at Samuel ward after spending the last 4 years studying here. I was successful at GCSE and made the decision to stay based on how happy and comfortable I was in an environment where I was challenged and supported by all of the teachers who knew me so well. I am able to study subjects that I am extremely passionate about whilst being given extremely in depth subject knowledge and pushed to my full potential. I have a new responsibility for independent learning and managing my time, whilst throwing myself whole heartedly into everything life at Samuel Ward has to offer in terms of fantastic leadership opportunities and fun charity events. I can’t wait for the next two years.

I chose to stay at Samuel ward sixth form, after successfully completing my GCSE’s with the support from the teachers, who showed me how to stay determined and positive throughout my revision and exams.
After visiting other colleges I felt that they didn’t have a homely feel about them compared to Samuel Ward and the teachers didn’t appear to have the same passion about the subjects that they were teaching. Samuel Ward has allowed me to take part in so many extra activities which has really helped me to increase my confidence and has helped me to enhance my future career opportunities.

I not only chose to stay at Samuel Ward 6th form because it is what I knew and what I was familiar but I chose to stay because it was the best option for me. I felt that the teachers know my strengths and weaknesses so they know how far they can push me to do my best work. There is also a fantastic environment for the students to work in and also get involved in extra-curricular activities.

Ben Robinson